Cloud Computing Platforms


Author:UCloud × 计世传媒 Date:18 Feb 2019

The cloud services provided by UCloud are not only provided with neutral, reliable, professional and safe technologies and service systems, but also combined with...

Strategic Planning


Author:Microsoft Date:25 Jan 2019

With the gradual increase of domestic competitive pressure, the living space of emerging enterprises is being constantly compressed, and it has become a common choice...

Author:Microsoft Date:21 Jan 2019

The hardware capability, interaction basis and development knowledge of the mixed reality device Hololens are introduced in detail, which is a required reading manual...

Business IT Alignment


Author:Microsoft Date:21 Jan 2019

This white paper focuses on the application of important technologies and tools in the five business areas of marketing, sales, finance, human resources and IT management,...

Author:Microsoft Date:18 Jan 2019

This ebook shows you how to use Office 365 to improve teamwork and productivity in your organization.

Collaborative Tools


Author:Microsoft Date:18 Jan 2019

This white paper will show you how to make your team's work patterns more efficient by using team collaboration tools to address the five biggest corporate collaboration...

Author:IDG Connect China Date:14 Jan 2019

It introduces the future development direction and main characteristics of cloud technology, as well as the excellent performance brought by the new cloud architecture....

Artificial Intelligence


Author:IDG Connect China Date:14 Jan 2019

The development of artificial intelligence in enterprise is introduced.

Author:IDG Connect China Date:14 Jan 2019

This paper introduces the viewpoint and observation of IDC in the field of urban intelligence.

Collaborative Tools


Author:Microsoft Date:12 Jan 2019

In the era of digital office, office workers need to work flexibly and efficiently, and enterprises need to provide corresponding mobile office tools to ensure team...

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